About us

Follow these simple steps and we promise we’ll achieve great results.

Our process is simple - but it’s central to what makes us able to craft beautiful, functional websites on time, on budget. We break up website creation into a series of manageable blocks, demystifying the A to B of great, functional design and communication.

We respect our customers’ expertise and match it with our own - by sticking to a clear, mutually agreed timeline we can guarantee a great end product that exceeds your expectations and forms the perfect platform upon which to build your future growth.

Meet & Greet

We start with a short introduction meeting where we get to know each other. We will present how we work and see if we are the right agency for you. No strings attached!

Week one
Discovery workshop

We dive into your challenges in a workshop. Where we define the project scope together. We will deliver project scope and cost estimates.

Week two
Project Planning

If you decide to work with us we will start with the project plan and give you milestones and expected delivery. For a medium project size we aim to deliver within 8 weeks.

Week three

During the production phase we will have regular review meetings through each step to ensure that we meet expectations, keep the project budget and project plan.

Week three to ten

Before final deployment we will have an internal delivery to you. We will educate any web administrators and do final testing. When you feel ready we will deploy.

Week eleven
Service & support

After delivery we will assist you with any questions or plan for new smaller projects to further develop your website. For best long term result we always work close to our clients.

Week twelve