For over 30 years, TSS has been at the forefront of innovation in temperature management solutions, ensuring safe delivery of drugs to patients worldwide. Working hand in hand with the life science industry’s most respected companies, we are proud of our role in facilitating safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery.

Stormfors mission was to position TSS as a global player and joining the hardware and software platforms together as a complete solution.


During raging pandemic TSS operations grow globally at a rapid pace. Communication in all channels on a global market requires a strict identity and communication platform.


Stormfors developed a communication platform for unified messaging on all levels and channels, updated brand guidelines and webdesign as well as website development and ongoing content production.

Webflow and Salesforce Pardot

With a constant flow of marketing activities in social channels, webinars and live events the demand for a lead generation funnel and sales pipeline we supplied our Webflow to Salesforce Pardot integration.

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