About us

We are a family driven by the joy of the digital age. We love the freedom to be able to work from anywhere - and strive to over deliver and impress each and every day.

Our vision

“With NoCode, we aim to become the biggest Webflow agency in Europe”

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At Stormfors, we’re dedicated to building websites that add genuine value to a client’s business - focused, functional, beautiful expressions of their brand.

But while our goal is simple, it’s the wealth of expertise that we bring - coupled with our unique working process - that sets us apart. Our approach is pragmatic, focusing on business outcomes: What do you need from your website? How will it add value to your business? What does success look like?

And once we understand that, we have a wealth of award-winning designers, developers, strategists and project managers to make it happen.

Modern business is dynamic, constantly evolving to adapt to new sales and communications challenges. So you need a partner that can both understand this need and move fast enough to stay ahead of the curve.

On our journey to becoming Europe’s leading Webflow agency, we have developed a unique working methodology that allows us to create outstanding websites in a fraction of the time of conventional development, letting us focus on refining design and messaging that really resonates with your customers.

And we go beyond just website development itself - supporting you with all aspects of your marketing, communications, and technical integrations.

*a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
(fors) = (rapid)
*a fast-flowing and turbulent part of the course of a river. "those of you looking for adventure can shoot the rapids"

So, just what is a NoCode Agency?

Well, by building with Webflow, we can quickly and efficiently assemble the most commonly used website building blocks, saving hours on unnecessary repetition from client to client. We have developed 1000s of these building blocks, which we can combine and fine tune for impactful results.

So shouldn’t this result in a generic website? Far from it. Consider the last few websites you visited. Regardless of industry, chances are they all had A LOT in common - a Common UX language of headers, footers, nav bars. And the pages? You’ll find home page, about us, contact etc.

Where uniqueness shines through is in the design language and textual messaging - and that’s where we can apply your brand in a way as unique to you as your fingerprint.

With most agencies you’re probably spending half of your budget on reinventing the wheel, coding and developing standard pages from the ground up. With Stormfors we help you reflect your brand in the best light - and save time and money in the process.