Privacy Policy

We save this information

The information we save is the one you actively provide to us, such as email address and telephone number when you fill in our contact form. You can request that your information be deleted from our system and you can unsubscribe from communication in any of the newsletters sent to you.

We use the information to

We use the information to be able to contact you, and tailor our offer to you and for you to have a better experience in our communication.

The following people take part in the information

Only employees at Stormfors have access to your information. We will never sell or pass on your information to anyone else.

What legal text do we refer to in order to store the information and to handle it?

We refer to the Data Protection Act, GDPR.

Processing of personal data

Stormfors protect your privacy. All processing of personal data used by Stormfors takes place in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Within the EU / EEA, the Data Protection Regulation [1] (GDPR) applies from 25 May 2018.

Stormfors intends, in its capacity as personal data controller, to process personal data provided to us, in connection with registration on the website, consent in emails, seminars, social media and similar bodies.

The purpose of collecting personal data

Personal identity number, IP address, contact information, photos and names are personal information that can be traced to you as a person. Stormfors processes personal data that you yourself have provided to us for the purpose of administering them for any future contact. Expressions of interest and personal data from you are administered to be included in any agreements with you, provide information about ongoing projects and services that we provide in connection with inquiries.

Data is also processed indirectly in connection with the development, testing and management of the IT systems linked to our website. Please note that when you use our website, there are features that allow you to post information that can be considered personal information.

Legal reason

Stormfors processes your personal data in accordance with current legislation. We obtain consent, where required, before we begin processing them.

Your approval

By giving your consent on the website, you agree that Stormfors, as the person responsible for personal data, uses the data to improve our services, products, services or the like, inform about the status of ongoing and upcoming events and conduct customer surveys. By registering with Stormfors, you also agree to receive information and marketing material via email, telephone, by post, or other equivalent means. This presupposes that you have provided your telephone number or email address to us when registering or later. Stormfors has the right to document your communication with us.

You have the right to receive information from Stormfors about the processing of the personal data that concerns you. We will, at your request or on your own initiative, correct information that is found to be incorrect. You can at any time request that your information be deleted from Stormfors.

If you do not want to take part in offers and / or marketing, please contact us via email to or by unsubscribing from one of our mailings. Should the information turn out to be incorrect, incomplete or otherwise irrelevant, it is Stormfors' responsibility to take corrective action.

Contact information

If you have questions regarding how we process your personal data, you are welcome to contact us by email:

[1] Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation )