Our design philosophy

We believe that form should always follow function. A great design is one that has true purpose, building brands, converting leads, or supporting your clients. Beautiful, elegant, powerful.

Designing with a clear purpose

Form follows function. We don’t reinvent the wheel, instead we follow standards and expectations. We focus the design on our client goals and the main purpose of the website. This could range from generating new leads focusing on call to actions and conversions, to lifting a brand creating a feeling and building relationship with the audience. The design should lift the intentions of a website and give clarity to the purpose.

Keeping it simple

Tapping into our Scandinavian heritage, keeping the design minimalistic and clean. To keep design simple is hard, killing off your darlings and minimising distractions. We feel that a clean simple design usually stands the test of time better than experimenting with too many elements. We reinforce our websites with subtle motion animations to give that perfect touch and feeling to the user experience.

Finding the brand

We always base our design on a Graphical Profile and brand guidelines. If you already have the needed building blocks we are up to a great start, if you don’t have it we will help you develop a unique Graphical Profile lifting your brand and values. Following the process and put time and effort in the essential building blocks is really important.

Creativity that  inspires

We bring a lot of creativity into the mix, appealing to emotions and want to inspire both ourselves and our clients to move the goalpost and challenge established norms in webdesign. We want to be brave and unexpected with a red string running through all of the communication we produce. When our clients are brave enough to go along with our ideas, we achieve the best results.

Mikael Brunnberg
Digital Designer