We are Webflow Professional partners, why is this important?

As a client at Stormfors you can be confident that we are up to date with the latest standards, certifications and guidelines. Stormfors is a leader in establishing Webflow as the new standard for businesses who want to be in the forefront of technology, investor relations, compliance, marketing and sales.

  • Stormfors official Webflow Professional Partner
  • All of our Webflow designers are Webflow Certified
  • Following WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Designing according to Client-first framework

Webflow is growing fast and most younger companies in tech, SaaS and startup choose Webflow instead of Wordpress. At Stormfors we also want to bring Webflow to established companies with more complex needs in regard to functionality, usability and system integrations. This requires a standardised way or working, following set guidelines and best practices. The Webflow Proffessional Partnership is an official approval and quality assurance for Stormfors and for our clients.

Stormfors Webflow Certified

Webflow Certified Digital Designers

As a Webflow Professional Partner we need to deliver quality work. All of our digital designers, NoCode and frontend developers needs to go through the Webflow Certification process (required for becoming a professional partner) to ensure that everything we produce and design are following guidelines and best practices.

Stormfors following WCAG 2.1

WCAG 2.1

Webflow is actively developing the CMS platform to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, which ensures that all the websites created on Webflow are accessible to visitors with certain disabilities. Some companies and public institutions have strict requirements regarding the accessibility of their websites. At Stormfors we following WCAG 2.1 guidelines in all steps of the production, from content and design to  functionality and interactivity.

Stormfors Client first compliant


On top of our certifications and professional partnership, we also follow community guidelines regarding structure and content. The golden measure is the Client-first framework designed by Finsweet. The Client-first framework is a naming system which makes it easy for designers and developers to understand the naming structure of the websites we deliver.

Fredric Örup
CEO & Co Founder