What is Webflow?

Webflow is the next generation cloud-based CMS or web publishing system. Webflow is suitable for most websites, minimizes maintenance and maximizes reliability.

Webflow is the CMS of the future

Webflow leads the way and is far ahead of other CMS when it comes to technology, usability and reliability without compromising on functionality and scalability.

Webflow or Wordpress?

Stormfors has over 10 years of experience developing websites in Wordpress, since we started working in Webflow in 2018 we are not looking back. We believe that Webflow is powerful enough to completely replace Wordpress and meet the expectations for the vast majority of our clients.

NoCode webdevelopment

Webflow is a fully dynamic cloud-based CMS that gives an enormous amount of freedom to build really great looking, dynamic websites that are both reliable and requires much less mainteneca than Wordpress. Webflow is 100% cloud based and all development takes place in a browser-based tool. Though it should not be mistaken for a simple tool, all the power of code based platforms is still available. This means that Webflow still requires deep knowledge in web development but with little to no coding - a true NoCode platform for web development.

Webflow meets the demand for almost all websites

Depending on the objectives of your website, the choice may be between Wordpress or Webflow. In short, our recommendation is that Webflow is suitable for the majority of all websites unless you work with extremely content heavy websites (+10.000 posts) or large e-commerce sites.

Brand focused

Webflow is excellent when you want to build exciting websites with a focus on highlighting the brand because the NoCode design tool simplifies the implementation of web design to frontend. The step from idea to final product is quicker since it is both easier and quicker to design for different screen sizes with flowbox wich is a visual tool in Webflow. This is in contrast to writing code, which is more time consuming. Of course you can build beautiful websites in Wordpress as well, it just takes more time.

Cost efficiency

Webflow offers an integrated hosting solution in AWS with incredibly good performance that is integrated with the service. This means that Webflow is responsible for server maintenance and reliability. There are big savings to be made on both server costs and maintenance in Webflow. Wordpress requires regular updates of core systems and plugins to keep the website updated and safe. Much of this work is not necessary in Webflow.

There are big savings to be made on both server costs and maintenance in Webflow.


Search engine optimization is a common question that arises when comparing Webflow with Wordpress. Most people think that Wordpress is the best search engine optimized CMS platform "out of the box". But thanks to a fully integrated environment and optimized servers for best performance, Webflow websites rank just as well or better than a fully SEO-optimised Wordpress website in the basic configuration.

Editing in Webflow

As a web editor, there is no tool or CMS that is easier to administer than Webflow. It is a full WYSIWYG solution where you as an editor can see everything you change directly on the website in real time.

Benefits with Webflow

  • If you make changes to the page, you can immediately see what it looks like without having to publish the website (WYSIWYG-editing)
  • Stylish animations and interactions can be done by a skilled front-end developer or designer without the need for coding
  • With Webflow it is possible to create completely customized websites without having to code - a NoCode CMS
  • A website in Webflow is optimized for SEO - Out of the box
  • Webflow websites are optinised for quick loading speeds from start
  • Web hosting and SSL certificates are included in Webflow so you save costs on servers, updates and maintenance
  • Webflow is suitable for most almost all websites for small to medium sized companies
  • Lower maintenance = Lower costs
  • Security - Automatically updated for maximum security
  • We supply custom integrations for webflow to suit our clients needs
Fredric Örup
CEO & Co Founder