Asedo is a fast growing IT services company and delivers cloud based solutions for small to midsize companies. Founded in 2014, Asedo was awarded the prestigious recognition becoming a DI Gasell in 2019, only 5 years after starting the company. A key factor to Asedos success is through recruiting young talent and nurturing them into the company culture.

Stormfors redesigned Asedos brand from the ground up, making it modern and unique, with a new communication concept and website.

As CEO and Entrepreneur, I place high demands on partners. I always receive a professional and pleasant treatment from Stormfors, plus the project implementation and deliveries constantly exceed my expectations.

Sami Ingeborn

New brand profile and identity

It is great working with clients who believe in our creativity and give us complete freedom to develop creative concepts and take responsibility for the complete identity from the ground up.

When we have the freedom to control for all parts of the communication, like communication concept, copywriting, identity, graphical profile, webdesign and development we can bring our vision to life where the sum is greater than the separate parts.

Clients who put their trust in us and are open to new creative ideas are always very pleased with the results.

3D animated gorilla

Stormfors was assigned to redesign the brand and reinforce Asedos position as a young, quick moving and modern IT company. With a fresh take on the brand and a state of the art website.

The Asedo mascot, the 3D rendered gorilla, is unique to Asedo and carries the brand in all channels of communication from social platforms to merchandise. It brings life to the communication and illustrate different real life situations at work.

View the website

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