Maderna Terapi

Stormfors captured the essence of Maderna Terapi perfectly. A brand and website that make complexity seem simple.

Denice Bertorp
Founder & Certified Therapist


Maderna Terapi, founded by certified therapist Denice Bertorp, provides individualized therapy rooted in a journey toward emotional well-being.

Our mission

Stormfors transformed Maderna Terapi’s brand identity, designed the logo, and built a Webflow website. Each element is tailored to evoke safety, warmth, and engagement, encapsulated in a multifaceted logotype.

Page score


Google's PageSpeed Insights usually ranks sites between 45-60. Maderna Terapi’s site scored an impressive 91



A perfect SEO score emphasizes the website's excellent visibility on search engines, aiding in reaching a broader audience effectively

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