Web Services

You Dream It, We Drive It!

Get everything vital for your website in one package. We've got the costs for third-party services, hosting, and development covered. Plus, we monitor, maintain, and manage your custom integrations and key website-connected accounts.

Team access

You give us the power!

We will take full responsibility of your website in Stormfors Webflow team environment where our designers, developers animators and support team will be able to have instant access to your website. You will have access to control all the content of your website.

  • Website is owned 100% by you
  • We take full responsibility of your website
  • All of our Certified Webflow Professionals will be able to work in the same project
  • We take care of costs and administration

Hosting and maintenance

We will keep it nice and shiny

We host your website in our Stormfors team environment. We take care of cost and administration. We have 24/7 monitoring of your website and if there is a problem it will be solved before you notice. If we notice that something is broken we fix it.

  • We take care of running maintenance
  • We take care of your billing and administration with Webflow
  • We fix problems you did not know were there
  • We administer your website setup and account

Custom Integrations

Expand the power of Webflow

Integrations usually needs extra attention since data change over time and 3:rd party APIs evolves. We maintain and support all of our custom integrations as well as host any necessary middle ware applications. We use a range of services to integrate your data between platforms.

  • Custom integrations support and maintenance
  • Custom application hosting
  • Data security and management
  • Integration support and continued development
  • Check out some of our integrations here

GDPR compliance

Stay ahead of the law

We make sure your website follow the strict regulations for data integrity and GDPR. We use automatic cookie tracking and IP verification as well as best practices when implementing GDPR regulations. GDPR cookie consent is standard in our Service Level Agreements.

  • We secure your compliance with the strict GDPR regulations
  • Automated cookie tracking
  • IP tracked consent
  • Through our partnership with Openli.com

3:rd party services

Is all of this really included?!

As an agency we are already subscribing to a bunch of really cool and expensive services that are sometimes necessary in order to build functional and cool websites.

  • GeoTargetly - Controlling trafic based on countries, regions or even cities
  • Typeform Pro - We have the tools to create really cool forms for any necessity and integrate the results into your data flow
  • Zapier - For NoCode integrations
  • AWS - For custom applications
  • Markup - For bug testing and team feedback
  • Browserstack - Testing website performance on all platforms on all devices
  • PDF Embed - Display PDF-documents dynamically through Webflow CMS-objects
  • And many more...

Share functionality

Of course, everyone wants to share

Sharing functionality is a great way to get better reach. This is a function that many of our clients ask for all the time. If you are used to a "plugin" in Wordpress your are out of luck with Webflow. We use our included 3:rd party tools to include beautiful sharing butoons to all major social channels, email and even your old printer.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • and many more...

Widgets & feeds

Let your social engagement shine through

Do you want to include external feeds and display them on your website? We can parse any XML or RSS info as well as integrate your Instagram feed on your website.

Dedicated account administrators

We are the hub in your communication

We are your dedicated account administrators giving 3:rd party agencies expert partners. There are many examples where our clients have 3:rd party agencies that need help adding scripts or Facebook pixels to the website.You invite us as administrators of your most important Google accounts and we will be able to assist you with your accounts.

  • Google TagManager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google ReCaptcha

Service dashboard

Stay on top of Webflow

Webflow server performance is always top notch but we still want you to get access to the curent status of your website. We use our own tools to monitor your website in real time 24/7. We will connect a status page to your domain example: status.yourwebsite.com where you can check in if any of your clients had trouble accessing your website.

Regional presence with language translations

Multi-language support for increased SEO

With multilanguage support your website will be translated automatically to a range of different languages, including dialects like British, Australian or American English. You will be able to manually make updates or changes to any translation. Except for local accessibility language translations is also super efficient to quadrouple your content and organic reach on Google. Driving organic traffic from multiple parts of the world.