Crosskey is the Bank of Åland's wholly owned IT company and Åland's largest employer.

Client & project summary
Crosskey is a Fintech company that is at the forefront of Open Banking and P27. Crosskey is wholly owned by the Bank of Åland but works with all major established banks as well as niche banks and Fintech startups. Stormfors' collaboration with Crosskey dates back to 2014 when we developed a new communication and website. We work continuously with further development of the communication and the website.
Graphic work
A great graphical profile gives you the tools to perfectly express your company’s brand. It gives you the building blocks to let your website really stand out from the crowd.
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We build websites in Webflow
Webflow websites are the perfect marriage of form, function, and efficiency. With the option to combine multiple pre-made modules with fully customised options, we can create something unique for you without the lengthy lead times.
Alexander Aminoff

Alexander Aminoff

Crosskey and Stormfors have worked closely together for many years, both large and small. In addition to Stormfors developing our websites, we also work with marketing and the message platform together. It is easy to get in touch with Stormfors and you always get fast, expert and very nice answers.
Sales & Marketing Director