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Client & project summary
Our mission consisted primarily of clarifying and communicating SNOW's new position as a global leader in its industry. Like many other fast-growing companies, SNOW did not reach the point where it became a world-leading company and it experienced difficulties in being accepted as a supplier at the enterprise level. Making a position shift is largely about reflecting the right values ​​and feelings through your communication. In this way, you can clarify where you as a company are on the map in relation to your competitors. In the work with SNOW, it was about changing large parts of their brand and communication to signal their new position.
Graphic work
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Axel Kling

Axel Kling

I really value the fact that creating was very much a collaborative project with a long-term partner, rather than just a supplier. I definitely get the feeling that Stormfors cares about our website and communication as much as we do. Our new website not only looks fantastic but has further scope to grow as we need it to. The content management system is very easy to use and allows us to keep the website fresh with plenty of new content.
CEO & Founder