HERRMANS® one of Europe's largest leading companies for development in the bicycle industry.

Client & project summary
Based on the updated brand guidelines, Stormfors developed a new web design and user experience aimed at Herrman's partners and resellers. We rebuilt the website from the ground up in close collaboration with Herrman's marketing team. All components became dynamic and a lot of attention was paid to the mobile experience. Together with Herrman's internal IT team, we integrated ERP and product inventory systems directly into the web. Which reduces redundant content and saves a lot of time while all facts, figures, images, datasheets, product translations, etc. in the central systems are reflected and automatically updated on the website's product inventory. We built several layers of keyword optimization and features like Google's FAQ integration. This ranks Herrmans in the organic Google searches as you enter frequently asked questions in the bicycle OEM industry.
Graphic work
A great graphical profile gives you the tools to perfectly express your company’s brand. It gives you the building blocks to let your website really stand out from the crowd.
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We build websites in Webflow
Webflow websites are the perfect marriage of form, function, and efficiency. With the option to combine multiple pre-made modules with fully customised options, we can create something unique for you without the lengthy lead times.